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Newsletter Issue 10, June 2017



GIPO Dashboard deployed by EuroDig. You can do it too!

We are excited to announce that EuroDIG has successfully integrated the GIPO Observatory Tool to allow website visitors to explore different internet governance topics via a simple and functional Dashboard.

The EuroDIG community can now be informed via the Dashboard where its users search for different topics, classify and visualise them per region, language and geography.

Other internet governance forums across the world can also benefit from the Tool by easily integrating it via APIs and selecting topics, sources and geographical areas to be shown on their webpages. In every case, the internet governance community wins!

See the GIPO Dashboard on the EuroDIG website here and simple guidelines on how to implement it yourself here.

Sustainable model for internet policy observatories

Over 20 people participated in the GIPO session at EuroDIG 2017 on ‘a sustainable model for internet policy observatories’

Three interrelated questions were raised:

1. Is there a sustainable governance model post-European Commission funding for the tool? If so, what should it look like.

2. How can we encourage increased use of the observatory, or how can we use the tool to build better multistakeholderism?

3.How can we encourage increased participation in providing sources for the tool?

The discussion was rich, with many people providing input from their own experience of working with or in internet policy observatories.

One of the key conclusions to emerge was that the tool may be automated, but still requires a community to maintain sources, continue to disseminate it, and most importantly to use it.

Outcomes and points for action:

1. Build on the Federation Roadmap findings and >IES Policy Brief recommendations to target specific user communities. Make particular efforts to initiate closer cooperation between the observatoriet policy observatories that have participated in our activities thus far, identifying.

i. possibilities of integrating databases, and

ii. steps to ensure common or transposable taxonomies

2. Initiate Regional Working Groups (RWGs), starting with efforts in Eastern Partnership countries and the Middle East, and see how this progresses.

3. Ensure the AG takes a proactive and evangelising role in promoting the tool

4. Fine-tune the communication of the tool’s role in informing stakeholders (particularly the uninitiated stakeholders) about recent internet governance debates.

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Netfutures 2017

28 & 29 June

Brussels, Belgium.

The NET FUTURES 2017 edition will serve as a wake-up call for policy makers and technologist alike, for civil society and for the young whose future we will influence. Under the title Internet, the economy and society in 2027, the conference will focus on future policies to address emerging issues and trends, from the perspective of citizens, users and businesses.

The conversation will ensure Europe’s voice on the future of the Internet; it will be the place for deep-dive conversations and learnings right at a time when Europe is at the brink of entering the next industrial revolution: The Net.

The following topics will be discussed:

- the industrial internet

- the need for a free flow of data within Europe

- legal ethical and social issues emerging within a software-defined world

- the requirements of a Next Generation Internet

- data protection issues in a world with huge amounts of data

- mobile connectivity .

For more details Net Futures 2017 conference.

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum

APrIG Conference in Bangkok, Thailand 26 to 29 July 2017

TheAsia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is a platform for discussion, exchange and collaboration at a regional level, and also somewhere to aggregate national IGF discussions and ultimately advance the Internet governance development in the Asia Pacific region.

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ICANN59 | Policy Forum

ICANN59 will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa 26 to 29 June 2017

ICANN59 will be ICANN’s second ever Policy Forum. The four-day meeting will focus on sessions which are core to current policy development work and outreach, with the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees taking the lead in organizing the program.

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IETF 99 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic 16 to 21 July 26 to 29 July 2017

Experience first-hand the Internet standards process and meet the world's leading Internet engineers, developers and researchers. We expect 1,200 attendees from more than 60 countries. The IETF meets three times a year face-to-face to progress its work of Internet Standards development for the betterment of the Internet and people worldwide. The meeting will include off-events like IETF bits-n-bites as well as Code Sprint and a Hackathon.

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